ADV: Kawaii Store

Are you a Lomography fan?
Don't you just love the effect of a LOMO camera?

If you're not familiar with what I'm talking about, check out some sample of LOMO effect photos below:

Now can you see what I was talking about? Can you see the beautiful effect on these photos?

And did you notice something else?
These photographs are shots taken under water!!!

How cool is that?
Please just admit to me that you are just falling in love with the idea of a camera that not only takes great lomo photographs but can also be used under water!!! No need to worry about those moments at the beach, those pool parties or even a swim underwater.
You can now capture those moments with such a camera and it exist! Well where you ask?

At Kawaii Store of course!

Just a one time purchase of this camera from Kawaii Store and you can have this camera for yourself. It last a lifetime without the need of batteries! Even cooler, don't you think so?

Wait! There's more... =D

This camera comes in different colors to suit your style and personality!

Choose from an array of assorted colors:

Limited edition in White

And the rest in green, pink, blue , orange, purple or red

Not much a plain jane?

Ohh then you'll be pleased to know that they also have this camera in special and cute designs such as:

For more cute designs, check out Kawaii Store& now!

And do you think I'm going to stop at here??


Because we all can't live without our handphones these days and at times we just don't feel like bringing our cameras along. So what do you do when you need to capture really cool photos while you're out but the only thing you have with you is your handphone???

I have the answer here for you.

Kawaii Store apparently has another great item in store for you ;-)

Presenting the...
Jelly Lenses =)
With these babies, you can now have effects with your handphone, just like those with the LOMO camera. In total, Kawaii Store has 12 types that gives you 12 different effects to add personal style to your photos. Best part is, it is totally easy to use!

Are you psyched now to click away on your cameras and capture those great moments with friends and love ones?

Let me give you another reason to not hesitate!

Do you know how much does these products cost?

RM 200?
RM 100?
RM 90?

No No No!

The limited edition White LOMO Camera model is only retailing at RM89 only

While the rest of the other LOMO Cameras are only costing you RM69!

As for the Jelly Lens, each are selling at only RM15.90.


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