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Being a girl and growing up as a girl, dresses has played a big part of my wardrobe lifestyle. I remember looking through pictures of myself all dolled up and dressed up in pretty dresses. Plus, I'm sure that the majority of you girls have some form of such fond memories running around in those flowy, lace dresses, don't you.

Dresses are the epitome of femininity. When I come across Catfights & Limelights, an online shop that has been running for almost a year now, I can't help but think of sweet and feminine. These are the words that cross my mind as I scroll the site and view their various pieces of dresses available on sale.

Now, if you're a dress lover and you find that your wardrobe is never enough of these lovely pieces of garment, Catfights & Limelights is the place for you to shop at. This online shop has a list of dresses available in various different colors. Their designs are kept to a minimal with a simplistic cut and colors are available in easy to fit and easy to match tones such as blue,, grey, white, black, red & purple. 

Now here comes the best part! Dresses over at Catfights & Limelights are pretty affordable, despite their good quality and effortless styles. Prices range from RM 40 to RM 70 for fresh priced items. As of this moment, the great owners over at Catfights & Limelights have decided to slash down the prices of their garments. Prices are cut down to almost half of the original tag :D
Ain't that sweet??

For instance, the red dress above is only RM 25 now and the purple dress is only RM 30!!!!

Click on over to Catfights & Limelights now to get your hands on these dresses for fraction of the original prices!!!


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