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I've always love it when online shop websites that provide pre-orders also provide ready stock goodies as well. It is like having the best of both worlds! With the availability of both, shoppers like you and I get to have that special choice to choose between both. That way, we're not restricted to just one. Personally, I like having choices like this that goes well with my shopping style. Specifically, online shopping that is :)

So where can you go when you want to have a choice of pre-orders or ready stock items when it comes to shopping online?
I'd say the Lovely Closet and Shoes Haven of course!

Both these wonderful online site are sister sites and are handled by the very same owner.

Lovely Closet is dedicated to providing shoppers with accessories, apparels of all sorts for women and bags too,
Belts at only RM 23

Neon pink skirt at only RM 31
Red messenger bag at only RM 38

while Shoes Haven dedicates to bring shoppers contemporary and trendy shoes in various colors and designs.
Beige platforms at only RM 56
Pink platform stilettos at only RM 53

At Lovely Closet, their ready stock items are only carried out periodically, hence, you have to check out the website occasionally to see what's in store for their ready stock items. 

As of date, Lovely Closet have over 500 available ready stock, imported accessories to choose from. You'd get lost at the amount of eyewear, necklaces, scarves, headwear, bracelets, earrings and much more!!! If that is not enough to entice you, there is a promotion going on for their ready stock accessories. 

If you purchase RM 35 and above in a single buy, you'll be entitled to free postage :) 
RM 23 only
RM 25 only
RM 15 only

As for Shoes Haven, you can choose from peep-toes to slingback sandals, from platform heels to pumps and stilettos, from boots to wedges or espadrilles.
RM 56 only
RM 45 only
So what are you waiting for? 
Time to browse, order and shop! ;)


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