Closet Switch Submission

It is basically a place where readers can submit their old clothes or mistake purchases for me to post up so that others can buy them. Each reader is only allowed up to 5 items. Max = 5 items.

Each item must be accompanied by one photo of it (credited to owner). Anyone interested to purchase your item(s) will directly email you.

All you need to do is email me @ with the email subject as CLOSET SWITCH.

Each item has to be accompanied by these details:
Item name/code:
Item material:
Item Size:
Availability: (insert how many pieces available)
Item color:
COD: (if any)
Postage: (if any)
Reason of re-selling:
Bought from:
Selling price:

When you attach the photos of items in the email to me, please name the photos individually so I know which photos address which item name/code. Please attach photos as EMAIL ATTACHMENTS (jpeg/png)

Once any items are sold, you must inform me via email so I can update status. Best to let me know which post it is in so I can refresh my memory.

Please be patient and wait for my email notification to notify you that you item(s) has/have posted!
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