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Angelfac3 Online Boutique
Discover tons of pretty outfits at affordable prices!!

This boutique with a very sweet and feminine name is brought to you by a lovely girl with the love for fashion.
Pictures of items are all displayed clearly with proper price tags. It's always great to have clear visuals of the items you want to purchase especially when purchasing online, no? Thumbs up for Angelfac3

Clicking the link to this blogshop, you will find yourself raving for their exquisite items – apparels of all kinds and for all functions & occasions, accessories to adorn and dress up any wear, shoes & much much more. Their tops go as low as RM 19, dresses from as low as RM25 and accessories from as low as RM10. WOW! Ain’t that a steal??? I mean c’mon! Who wouldn’t be all happy and excited to find a blogshop that brings you a variety of stuff with affordable prices? I’m sure you shopaholics out there are jumping to browse their site already.

Another awesome thing is that Angelfac3 also has a promotion where free postage is given for purchases of Rm150 and above! SWEET!!!! If you find yourself interested in any items at all from Angelfac3 Boutique, just click on the order form available at the sidebar to submit your order & they will get back to you A.S.A.P. Girls with the love of fashion knows what other fashionistas want out there. So trust this girls to bring you great fashion buys that will not only guarantee you quality but also excellent taste & designs.

For more Angelfac3, head to their Facebook and join to receive latest updates and new!! <3>


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