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Hearts Fashion & Hearts2 Fashion
You may or may not have heard of these 2 online shops that were establised by the same people. For those of you who have not, well now you do!

Although this two sites are by the same people but each have it's own purpose. Hearts2 Fashion is a site that brings to you really beautiful earring stands at the moment. Each design is unique and suits towards how many pairs of earrings you have. Some of the designs available are as below:

Of course there are many more designs where these 2 came from. Designs that would suit your individual tastes. Most are priced from RM 26 - RM 48.
As for the other site, Hearts Fashion, this site brings you not only fashionable attires ranging from casual to dressy...


... Hearts Fashion also provides great items that would compliment your overall look and feel.
They have wonderful varieties of colored contact lenses (GEO LENS)...
RM 20+ per pair of GEO Lens


Great tooth whitening products...

The rather known hair curler that doesn't rely on heat - which can damange your hair in the long run...

And the Magic Bra Pad ;-)

What makes Hearts Fashion & Hearts2 Fashion different?
From Hearts Fashion:

We take pride in customer satisfaction. This is important. For ready stock items, once payment is made, the goods will be posted the very next day. Customers do not have to wait long. We also give free lens cases for purchase of 2 pairs of the GEO Lens, free shiseido mask for earring stand purchases and free postage for pre-order purchases above RM 150. Right now itself, we ar egiving away free painless remover for the purchases of 5 lenses and above.

Our items are mainly suitable for teenagers and adults. Our fashion items are inspired by Korea and Taiwan's latest fashion. As for our lenses, they are specially imported from Korea. Our Hot Seller Items are recommended at the Ladies Taiwan Show.
Lastly, we're special because we are very particular with good quality and good service. Clothes and bags are checked beforehand. Our lenses are are guaranteed original =)


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