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Tell me now...

What would you online shoppers love when it comes to your choice of an e-shop?

- Good service?
- Clear and great photos?
- Convenience?
- Good price?
- Quality?
- Great goods in terms of style?

These are normally some of the usual things people look for and so let me introduce to you an e-shop that has all that.

Daisy Deariesx

An e-shop that brings to you an array of dresses, tops, skirts, and accessories. One excellent thing that you will all love about Daisy Deariesx is that this e-shop provides a great number of photos for each item on sale which is really helpful because offline shopping and online shopping is different because we normally don't get to touch and see the clothes in person.

Thus photos are important. The owner models all the items herself even when there are more than one color per item.

Goods sold in Daisy Deariesx are always categorized accordingly which is another plus point for this e-shop. Check out their latest pleated skirts or the collection before that that features sequined attires that will surely make you shine like a star.

Now don't think I've finished here. No e-shop will be complete without revealing their latest promotion!!!!!

I mean who doesn't love awesome bargains, no?

This month of August, Daisy Deariesx offers 5% of goods on sale for return buyers and if you were to purchase 4 items at one go, you will receive 25% off your 4th piece!

That's not all. Oh no. It doesn't stop there.

If you spend more than RM 50 in a single buy, you will be entitled to a free head scarf.
If you spend more than RM 100, you will be entitled to free postage. We all now postage fees can really be a pain sometimes.

As for purchase above RM 150, you will be entitled to a free necklace or a clincher of your choice!

For term and conditions, visit Daisy Deariesx.

I'm sure shopping at Daisy Deariesx will be a breeze as the owner is very friendly and I know this from past experience ;-)
Afterall, this e-shop provides various choices of postage - pos laju, pos ekspress, pos daftar and even COD in SS2 as well as KDU College!!!!

If you have any doubts about the fitting of an item, just check out the size chart available at the sidebar of the site and the vital stats of the model to be sure.

So waste time no more and head over to the e-shop now and start shopping =D


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