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I just love the ongoing growth of shopping malls and various online shopping sites here in Malaysia. But it is undeniable that I would love the go around shopping at various international online stores as well; mainly the US.

The reason being is because this gives me plenty of choices to choose from. Plus there are a huge number of fashion and beauty items that are simply not available here in our country.

But then again thinking of all the hassle that one must go through in purchasing internationally, it can definitely be a shopping boo-hoo! For instance, quite a number of international shopping sites in the US do not cater services to Malaysian buyers. Heck, even going through the international shipping charges is a huge pain in the head as well as to our bank accounts.

But now fret not!!!! There is a simple solution.

A virtual shopping hub that makes shopping at international online sites a hassle-free one!
This service is gives you the privilege of being a 'US buyer' without having to leave Malaysia.

By signing up for a FREE vsHub membership, you'll get your very own US shipping address!! This way, you get to purchase from almost any US stores - specifically over 300,000 stores.
Having your own US shipping address also means that you will be entitled to the great promotions and discounts that usually are only available to those shopping in the US.

Not only that. You'll be able to save a lot on international shipping fees and vsHub gives their members a medium to track their shipment and receive your goods right at your doorstep!

Sounds to good to be true??


It is really simple and true.

To begin with, all you need to do first to start off is to have a FREE membership account under vsHub. To do so, you are to sign up here.

Just feel in the needed details and you'll be a member instantly. You'll then be given a US shipping address of your own.

Then you can start shopping online at the various US stores. Complete your online purchases just like usual. Once that's done, email your purchase invoice(s) to the required email:

This is where vsHub will be able to track your shipment for you.
Once your shipment arrives at the vsHub's US address, you will receive an email notification from them.
At this moment, you can choose from to options:

A) To get your purchases shipped immediately to your own house address in your country via Express or Standard shipping (shipping charges are listed here)

B) Simply allow vsHub to hold on to your items while you do more purchasing in other US online stores. This way you can consolidate your items - saving more on international shipping charges!
Storage is absolutely FREE for up to 30 days! Ain't that just sweet?

If you've decided to have your goods shipped to your doorstep, vsHub will email you the required shipping charges and insurance charges. After making the payment, they will immediately ship your purchases to you.

FREE, convenient and truly amazing news!

There is nothing to be worried about as you are always available to track your shipment at any time before the purchases arrive.

This excellent service now delivers to ALL addresses in Malaysia & Singapore. YAY!!!
For those of you Singaporeans, you can always choose to single-handedly collect your purchases from their collection points in Singapore.

Now let me entice you more by giving you a sneak peak on a few featured merchants under vsHub:

View more featured merchants here

psssssssst>>>> If you ship now, you'll receive 10% off your shipping charges specially during this Hari Raya. This special promotion is valid until 30 September 2009.

For more information on vsHub or if you simply want to clear up any doubts, feel free to read on more at or contact them.


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