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Have you heard all those hype about those popular and in-demand packet facial masks from Taiwan??

I can say I've been seeing them all almost everywhere on the online business scene!

If you're a fan of these facial masks, I've a great site for you.
Quinn's Viewty Online E-shop - selling various facial masks in packets and boxes with each tailored for any skin types.

Now I'm sure a lot of you frequent buyers would have one complain in mind - the masks are all in either packets or boxes so they always finish fast, right?

One advice I could give is for you to purchase in bulk and stock up at home. This way you won't find yourself immediately short in stock of facial masks; especially during those urgent moments!! Quinn's Viewty provides great promotion when it comes to bulk purchasing. But before I introduce the promotions to all you interested readers, let me introduce to you ladies some of the available masks that you can find at Quinn's Viewty.

My Scheming Beauty Eye Mask - Crystal Eye Masks
There are currently five choices to choose from at Quinn's Viewty.

Here on your right is the Crystal Hydrating eye mask increase elasticity and provide lots of moisture while on your right is the Crystal Q10 Elastin eye mask that increases cell vitality, repairs and renews collagen metabolism while fighting against wrinkles and helps brighten eye area.

My Beauty Diary Masks
At Quinn's Viewty, you'll find yourself spoil for choices from this beauty mask range. Pick from limited edition sets, various individual flavored masks & ALL IN ONE box set.

ALL in ONE comes in two different sets. The one in the yellow cute box above has masks flavored black pearls, red wine, natto, sake, strawberry, rice, mixed berry, & truffle (yummylicious)

The other set with the pink cute box has masks flavored aloe vera, pearl powder, rose, strawberry, cooling, apple, rice, cherry blossom, & platinum.

Each box is priced at RM 110 with 34 pieces!!
Joutishow Masks
There are masks for the eyes and masks for the overall face.

An example is this three days anti-zit and anti-mark mask. It's a herbal pack. >RM 2 per piece.

While this is the daily water moisturizing cleansing and moisturizing facial mask. RM 3 per piece.

Korea Masks

The Face Whitening masks for those of you who want brighter and fairer skin tone. Price RM 2.20 per piece.

Cow Colustrum
For whitening as well. RM 2.20 per piece.

Quinn's Viewty site has both Chinese and English explanations available.
Now it's time for me to introduce what you've all been waiting for. Promotions!!!

My beauty Diary Mask - RM3/pc, for 50pcs and above RM2.90/pc
My Scheming Beauty Mask - RM1.90/pc
Shiseido Mask - RM1.70/pc
Joutishow eye mask - purchases one box and above - free 1pcs of Joutishow mask

Buy more, save more! =D


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