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Are you tired of jumping from one e-shop to another only to find that you are madly in love with their products from Korea, Japan Taiwan or Hong Kong but you just can't stand it that they only offer pre-orders?

Are you annoyed after that one too many times when the shipment of your orders from the suppliers get lost in transaction or just takes too long to come from another country?

But what can you do? Most pre-order sites that offer ready stock items from these countries (Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Japan) are priced higher! Some are even double the prices of a regular pre-order. But you just can't take the risk anymore and wait too long :(

Well fret not my dear fashion friends!!

De Mythz is a friendly fashion  e-shop that caters to all your fashion lovers of the Taiwan, Korea, Japan & Hong Kong fashion industry :)

They used to focus their time on pre-orders (they still carry them out but has put a slow stop for the time being), but they have now attempted to focus more on preparing ready stock items from these countries in order to serve their customers better. 

The best part is that their ready stock items are SO AFFORDABLE, you're gonna jump for joy when you visit this e-shop. De Mythz is a trustable e-shop that has been listed in various other e-shop directories & online e-shop reviewers' sites. No worries, no hassle. 

Best part is, transactions of any sort (pre-order or ready stock) are all posted at the sidebars along with their transaction code to prove their reliability :)

You don't have to worry about missing out on the latest styles as De Mythz brings assorted and latest designs from the suppliers in these countries. Fashion tops that look like designer designs. Dresses that fit for work and play. Those rocking leggings of a wonderful variety and colors as well as those hip jackets and bodices. You name it! They've got it

Like I've mentioned earlier, prices are SO AFFORDABLE and I kid you not!
Floral blue spaghetti top (top left) is yours for only RM 26.
Black sequin tile top (top right) is yours for only RM RM 29. 

Check out the glitzy silver long tank for only RM 29 and the black funky turtle neck blouse for only RM 35!!!

Have I kid you when I say that the prices at De Mythz is so low, everything else are like giants in comparison?

You're just a click away from making a great online shopping experience over at De Mythz


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